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Organic Cotton Comforter
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Cradle/Bassinet Mattress
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Resteze Blog

Recycle Your Old Bedding and Mattress

December 11, 2014

Most Americans consider old clothing or bedding in good condition a potential charitable donation.  However, fabrics in poor condition that are worn, stained or torn are typically disposed of as garbage. As a result, a staggering 85% of consumer textiles that could have been recycled end up in landfills. It's important to remember that almost any textile provided it's not wet with mildew can be recycled. Even conventional mattresses are 90-95% recyclable. Memory foams and latex bedding products can also be ground up and used as stuffing for pet beds, accent pillows and stuffed animal toys. Of the clothing and bedding that makes its way to donation centers, only about half ends up being reused as second hand items. The...

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Sustainable Design Based on Nature

November 25, 2014

Nature does it best Nature creates what it needs to survive and thrive in the most efficient way possible. There is no wasted energy or resources. For instance, sheep wool incorporates form and function in an ingenious way.  Studying the cross section of a wool fiber reveals many features and benefits. Man-made materials require large amounts of energy in the form of high temperatures and pressures. Material scientists call this “heat, beat and treat”. These industrial processes also cause a depletion of resources and an increase in pollution and waste by-products. Natural ecosystems are sustainable Natural ecosystems contain closed loop cycles of life where one organism becomes food for another organism. Over time, each species becomes uniquely adapted to its...

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How to Purify Indoor Air Naturally

November 06, 2014

During long periods of cold or inclement weather, it can be challenging to maintain good indoor air quality. Odours from pets and VOC’s from carpets and furniture can all contribute to unpleasant and even unhealthy air quality. On a sunny and breezy day, we can often simply open some windows to get some fresh air. However, when opening a window is not a practical solution we need a strategy for keeping our indoor air quality fresh and clean. A great way to improve air quality is by growing air filtering houseplants.  This strategy is great because plants can both filter the air and they produce oxygen. A second strategy that works well for removing odours is using activated charcoal to...

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