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Resteze Blog

8 Sleep Hacks for New Moms

September 01, 2014

  Schedule babies nighttime feeding for optimal sleep. The idea here is to share baby’s feedings in such a way that both parents get as much uninterrupted sleep as possible. In the evening mom gives the 8pm feeding and then both her and baby go to bed.  Dad (partner) does the next feeding at around 10pm using bottled milk (mother’s milk). After feeding baby dad goes to bed. Mom then awakens for babies 2-4am feeding. This way each parent will have an opportunity to get at least 6 hours of continuous sleep. Take 20 to 90 minute power nap during the day when baby is sleeping. If you are not able to get sufficient nighttime sleep, take an afternoon nap....

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Wool is the Best Allergy Proof Bedding

August 27, 2014

Characteristics of wool bedding that make it an ideal choice for allergy suffers: Wool bedding is not required (by law) to be coated with fire retardant chemicals. This is because wool is naturally difficult to ignite, does not melt and will self-extinguish. Wool is naturally an ant-microbial and anti-fungal. Wool is also neutrally charged and therefore anti-static. Bacteria prefer positively charged smooth surfaces found on synthetic fibers. Wool fibers are 6 times more durable than cotton. Wool fibers are highly resistant and therefore do not easily breakdown to create dust.  Wool also has several natural characteristics that make it dust mite resistant. Lanoline is a natural wax found on wool that acts to repel dust mites. The natural breathability of...

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Get The Best Sleep Possible: Align With Your Natural Circadian Rhythm

August 21, 2014

In simple terms, we need sleep to recover, grow and learn. It is during sleep that our body repairs and our brain integrates new knowledge and forms new associations. A good night sleep depends on coordinating your sleep habits with your circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm is a built-in biological clock that lasts about 24 hours and can be adjusted or reset by daylight. Many of your body’s biological processes are dependent on circadian rhythm. Now let us look at how your body responds during a normal sleep cycle and what can happen to alter your circadian rhythm. Beginning at about 6 am a combination of low body temperature and exposure to morning sunlight contributes to the release of cortisol. Cortisol...

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