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Natural Latex Pillow
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Organic Wool Comforter
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Organic Nursing Pillow
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Organic Wool Mattress Pad
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Organic Cotton Comforter
Organic Cotton Comforter from $165.00
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Cradle/Bassinet Mattress
Cradle/Bassinet Mattress $195.00
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Side Sleeper Pillow
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Silk-filled Comforter
Silk-filled Comforter from $239.00
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Resteze Blog

Dream More and Wakeup Healthier

October 15, 2014

In his new book Hush, Dr. Rubin Naiman describes how if we do not dream well it has a profoundly negative impact on our memory and psychological growth. During dreaming our brain filters and assimilates all the information it has received during the day. Your brain decides what information to keep and what information to let go. The brain also integrates what we have learned and stores our memories. The latest information indicates that most of us are sleep deprived. Dr. Rubin Naiman also thinks we are dream deprived.  People who use alarm clocks to awaken tend to have the last part of their dreams snipped off. This is because most dreaming occurs in the final phase of sleep...

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Mulberry Silk Bedding

October 14, 2014

  Resteze now carries silk-filled, cotton-covered comforters and blankets. This bedding contains 100% Mulberry silk. Mulberry silk dates back thousands of years in China. It is the highest quality and most luxurious type of silk available. This type of silk comes from silkworms that forage exclusively on Mulberry leaves. Silk has many important benefits: Made of 97% natural protein and contains 18 amino acids. Its protein naturally contains anti-bacteria and anti-fungal properties Allows the skin to breathe and is a natural moisture and heat regulator Naturally repels dust mites, mould and mildew. Naturally hypoallergenic and can help ease conditions like eczema, sensitive skin, allergic rash, shingles, psoriasis, etc. Natural fire retardant Environmentally sustainable and biodegradable natural fibre Some...

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Do Women Need More Sleep than Men?

September 23, 2014

  First some good news for women Women are born with a natural ability to sleep better. Starting at birth girls have more slow-wave or deep restorative sleep. Women continue to have significantly more deep sleep well into their 30’s. By contrast, men experience a decline in deep sleep beginning in their 20’s.1 Women tend to awaken fewer times during the night. They are also able to fall asleep faster. In a sleep lab men took on average 23.2 minutes to fall asleep and women took 9.3 minutes.2 Women may function better with less sleep. Men say they need about 6.2 hours and women say they need about 6.8 hours of sleep to function best.3 Research measuring performance suggests that...

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